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Useful Africa Links

Africa Maps

The map of Africa shows each nation and its boundaries on the African continent, where human civilization may have originated. Africa covers a total land

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Africa Countries

This is a list of the African nations ranked by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Figures are given in 2010 International

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Africa Population

  This is a list of African countries by population, primarily based on estimates by the United Nations Population Division. The table is by default sorted

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Horn Of Africa

The Horn of Africa (Amharic: የአፍሪካ ቀንድ?, Arabic: القرن الأفريقي‎, Somali: Geeska Afrika, Oromo: Gaaffaa Afriikaa, Tigrinya: ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ?) (alternatively Northeast Africa or Somali Peninsula;

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Madagascar Africa

Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean 250 miles off the eastern coast of Africa across the Mozambique Channel, just south of the equator. Over

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Namibia Africa

The earliest inhabitants of Namibia were the San, also known as Bushmen, a small number of whose descendants still survive in remote areas of the

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Congo Africa

The history of the Republic of the Congo has been marked by French colonization, a transition to independence, Marxist-Leninism, and the transition to a market-oriented

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Africa Culture

The culture of Africa encompasses and includes all cultures within the continent of Africa. There is a political or racial split between North Africa and

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Diseases In Africa

Malaria risk areas include: Botswana: northern part of the country; Namibia: Ovamboland and Caprivi; South Africa: rural areas, north, east, and western low altitude areas

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Pretoria South Africa

Pretoria is a city in the northern part of Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is one of the country's three capital cities, serving as the

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News In Africa

Get the latest African news from Africa: breaking news, features, analysis and special reports plus audio and video from across the African countries by clicking

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Animals In Africa

The list of extinct animals in Africa features the animals that have become extinct on the African continent and its islands, like Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues,

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Zanzibar Africa

Zanzibar (play /ˈzænzɨbɑr/; from Arabic: زنجبار‎ Zanjibār, from Persian: زنگبار‎ Zangibār "Coast of Blacks"; zangi [black-skinned] + bār [coast])]] is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania,

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Durban South Africa

Until the 1970s, DURBAN was regarded as white South Africa's quintessential seaside playground – a status fostered by its tropical colours, oversized vegetation and an

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Africa Pictures

Africa's culture is unique. Also Africa's history is one of a unique. For example of the Slave Trade its a history that will be remembered,

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Uganda Africa

Since the late 1980s Uganda has rebounded from the abyss of civil war and economic catastrophe to become relatively peaceful, stable and prosperous.But the lives

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Nigeria Africa

Nigeria Listeni/naɪˈdʒɪəriə/, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The country is

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Ghana Africa

Medieval Ghana (4th - 13th Century): The Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval Ghana Empire of West Africa. The actual name of the

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Africa Movies

The term African cinema refers to the film production in Africa, following formal independence. Some of the countries in North Africa (such as the cinema

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Problems In Africa

There have been over 9 million refugees and internally displaced people from conflicts in Africa. Hundreds and thousands of people have been slaughtered from a

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Facts About Africa

Africa Geography Facts    Number of Countries in Africa - 54 and a couple of disputed territories (Western Sahara and Somaliland). South Sudan is Africa's newest

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Liberia Africa

After the struggle for liberty in the American Revolution, free and enslaved African Americans faced continued hardship and inequality. A number of white Americans, for

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Malaria In Africa

    Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes.    In 2010, malaria caused an

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Education In Africa

Education in Africa began as a tool to prepare the local youth to take their place in their respective societies and not necessarily for life

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Africa Imports

The Africa trade is dominated by diverse natural resources that the continent enjoys in abundance. However, trade varies from one country to another. Countries such

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Africa Information

The continent of Africa is the world's second largest continent after Asia, with a total surface area, including several surrounding islands of 30,313,000 square kilometres.

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Water In Africa

Huge reserves of underground water in some of the driest parts of Africa could provide a buffer against the effects of climate change for years

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AIDS In Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by HIV and AIDS than any other region of the world. An estimated 22.9 million people are living with

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Africa Current Events

Get the latest on Africa Current Events by clicking on the follwing links:

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