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Can traveler's checks be used in Africa?

Traveler's checks are not recommended for use in Africa unless you will be in a capital city in a well-developed country (such as South Africa). The

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Is train travel available or easily accessible in African countries?

Train travel is not available or easily accessible in some African countries. Train lines are generally most expansive and reliable in Eastern and Southern Africa

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Which credit cards can I use in Africa?

Do not expect to be able to use your credit card for all of your expenses unless you are traveling in a well-developed major city.

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What is the most commonly accepted currency in Africa?

The most commonly exchanged forms of currency in Africa are the American Dollar, the Great Britain Pound, and the Euro. The South African Rand is

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Do I need to buy travel insurance for Africa?

Travelers to Africa should definitely consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and you can buy a plan tailored to the

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Busiest International Airports on the continent are located where?

OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa accommodated 17,445,271 passengers in 2009. Cairo International Airport in Egypt came in second with 14,382,042 passengers and

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Which African country has the lowest gross domestic product?

The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe had the lowest GDP (gross domestic product) in 2009, at 0.189 (billion USD).

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Which country in Africa has the highest GDP?

South Africa has the highest GDP (gross domestic product) in 2009, at 277.379 (billion USD).

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