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Hoodlums Attack FCTA Officials

by 31/08/2010 02:35:26 0 comments 3737 Views

Leadership (Abuja)

Catherine Agbo

31 August 2010

Officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) department of development control were last weekend attacked and beaten by hoodlums at Gwarinpa Village, while on a routine check of illegal buildings in the city.

This is not the first time officials of this department would be attacked as recently too, a lawyer in Apo district launched an attack on the officials who demolished part of an estate, God's Own Estate, allegedly owned by the lawyer's husband.

The lawyer during the incident rained invectives on the director of the department, Yahaya Yusuf and the spokes person of the department, threatening to sue them and the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA).

According to a statement by the Public Relations Officer of the department, Mrs. Josie Mudasiru, the department's officials who were accompanied by the director, Yahaya Yusuf also visited Wuse I, II and Maitama districts for their routine management joint site visits.

The statement disclosed that in Maitama district, part of a building which is currently under construction on plot 3293, off IBB Boulevard was removed and the plot subsequently sealed up.

Deputy-director in charge of development permit, Alhaji Hamza Tayub Madaki explained that according to the building plan approval, the building is expected to be six meters away from the fence, adding that the developer did not obtain all the relevant setting out approvals from the department before commencing development.

In Wuse, Zone 6, a plaza on Herbert macaulay road was finally sealed after several notices for the owner to open up an alternative access were ignored.

The district offer, Mr. Caleb Bissala while explaining the reason for sealing the plaza said it was because the plaza is facing an arterial road (Herbert Macaulay), noting that according to the master plan, residential and commercial buildings facing arterial roads are not supposed to take access from it.

He added that an arterial road is a major road that connects in which case; vehicular access to properties is prohibited because of the volume of traffic.

Bissala said the properties are asked to take access from the back in order to decongest traffic as arterial roads are for fast moving vehicles and if properties located on this road are allowed to take access from it, they will be prone to accidents.

The district officer lamented the change of use on properties and reckless parking of cars which causes damage to public utilities like drainages, pedestrian walkways and flower beds.

The Director, Department of Development Control, Yahaya Yusuf, while reacting to the incident at Gwarinpa said a situation where government officials on duty are incessantly attacked is unhealthy.

Yusuf however said the attack on him and members of the management team will not deter the department from carrying out its duties.

He recalled that the minister of FCT Senator Bala Mohammed had in a town hall meeting with stake holders warned indigenes not to take law into their hands as government was committed to addressing issues affecting their welfare and urged the indigenes to reciprocate government's gesture by being patient while the resettlement process is ongoing.

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