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Uganda: Drunken Husbands Deny Us Sex - Gulu Women

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Gulu — Women in Gulu want the hours for drinking alcohol regulated, arguing that excessive and unregulated consumption of alcohol is making their husbands inactive and unproductive.

Gulu RDC, James Nabinson Kidega called on men in Acholi sub-region to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

The district leader argued that taking too much liquor is affecting production and retarding development in the region.

He was speaking at a meeting with the Patiko clan chief Jeremiah Bongojane to identify the cases of land disputes, domestic and gender-based violence in Patiko Sub County,

His office has received over 50 complaints from women against their husbands, he revealed.

The women say their drunken husbands have become inactive and counter-productive, preferring to spend most of their time drinking alcohol.

Betty Achan, 43, a mother of four children and resident of Patiko trading centre told the RDC to help women have peace in their marriages.

She suggests regulating the hours for one to drink is key, that excessive and unregulated consumption of alcohol had denied them the opportunity to produce more children as their husbands had become inactive and unproductive.

Hers was not the only complaint surrounding drunken husband's inactivity in the marital bed.

Other women pointed out that they are not 'getting enough' of what they should be getting in their marriages, in clear and pointed references to sexual activity.

Bongojane urged residents to drink for relaxation after a productive day's work rather than making it a habit without engaging in any productive activities.

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