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This Guy Dives 100 Feet Into Mysterious Channel And Finds Something Incredible

by 31/08/2015 11:49:00 0 comments 1 Views

Anatoly Beloshchin is an adventurous Russian photographer. He saw a lot of amazing stuff – from dangerous surfaces of the remote Antarctic to whales, manatees and sharks in the wild.

But his latest discovery is the most incredible!


Recently, Beloshchin’s team headed to Mexico. They planned to explore the cenotes of Yucatán Peninsula (a cenote is a sink-hole created when the wall of a cave collapses.)


The Angelita cenote, in particular, was one of the place to probe. Just look at the magnificence of the subterranean channel!


Beloshchin traversed the depths of the channel and found something that looked totally out of place… An underwater river.


The underwater river is the result of a natural phenomenon known as halocline. This is when two bodies of water with different salt densities meet and separate.


This river is just really salty water which is divided from the fresh water by a foot deep layer of hydrogen sulfide.


Watch the video of diving 100 feet to the Angelita cenote:

Source: HellouDailymail

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