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T1 Wema1 changes the face of #ZimHipHop with his debut album 'Inzwa'

by 08/10/2015 07:20:00 0 comments 1 Views
Harare-based Zimbabwean Rapper/Hip Hop artist T1 Wema1 has dropped his debut 12-track album entitled Inzwa ("Zwana" in Ndebele and "Listen" in English). T1 Wema1 is affiliated to the Rehab Entertainment music label with prominent producer Anonzi Xndr at the helm. Besides Anonzi Xndr, T1 also enlisted the services of talented producers Fun F, DJ Krimz Beats, Soundmotion and McLyne Beats. The album features dazzling lyrical skills, slick quotes, pulsating beats, relatable themes, and features: Ishy X, Foster, Tinashe Makura, Chris James, MarcQues, Kidd Aktive, Galis Kush, Goldfinga, Mukoma Icey and Tanya. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Anonzi Xndr and has a predominantly hip-hop sound with occasional RnB elements.

The album Inzwa, musically narrates T1's life journey as a young man growing up and living in the ghetto whilst keeping up to date with current street lingo and social issues. The title itself solicits the listener to pay attention/listen as T1 narrates his experiences and those of his peers whilst in some cases offering advise on how to navigate the journey of life. The autobiographical nature of the album makes it relatable, T1 shares real experiences that Zimbabweans can relate to. The album takes you on a lyrical journey through T1's youth, to the moments that have shaped him and the conversations and people he has met along the way.

T1 starts off by describing how he had to hustle on the streets of the ghetto Dzivarasekwa and the Harare CBD before being gainfully employed. From there, he goes into his exploits when he was clubbing and partying and his experiences with gold diggers. He then proceeds to describe finding true love, as well as reaffirming the love he has for his better half - the love of his life. Finally, he closes with an insightful, informed perspective into the ghetto hustle and the struggles ghetto residents go through daily to combat poverty and better their lives.

T1 Wema1's story is more or less similar to every ghetto child's story, they will be able relate to it and ultimately, claim it as their own. That being said T1 implores the listener to inzwa/zwana/listen!

Watch the #Inzwa album promo video:

[embedded content]

Download Inzwa the album using either of the following links:


Alternatively you can stream/download on Soundcloud:

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