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Hilarious: See The 7 Things You Will Encounter In A Typical Lagos Market (PHOTOS)

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There are so many markets in Lagos, but most of them have the same characteristics. The typical Lagos market is an experience of its own, one which Lagosians can testify is a must for everybody.

A typical Lagos market

A typical Lagos market

Here are 7 major attributes of a typical Lagos market which makes them so much different and unique from any other in the world.

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1. Be ready get touched by everybody

On your arrival, virtually every trader would touch you in a bid to get your attention, don’t get infuriated it is just the beginning of more things you must anticipate. This first point is one valid reason why you should never wear and all white dress to a typical Lagos market.

Market Photo 1

Expect to be touched by virtually everyone when you are in a Lagos market.

2. You will be called beautiful

You don’t necessarily have to be the most beautiful girl in the world, you will be called beautiful. You will be shocked as to the strange names and adjectives that will be used in your praise, however, the compliment is a bait, one which you must weigh critically.

Market 2

Regardless of your shape and size, no matter how you look, you are very likely to be called beautiful at a Lagos market, just to get you to buy.

3. If you do not answer

When you have been pulled and wooed with lovely adjectives and you don’t seem to be responding positively, then comes their truenature, they call you ‘wor-wor’ (meaning ugly).

Market 3

When you don’t give in to the seller’s advances, they call you ‘ugly’.

4. When you price too much

When you finally see something that looks like what you came for, you must becareful with the way you bargain, many traders can be haughty when you bargain too low, so you can be sure to get the expression “carry your wahala dey go” (meaning take your trouble and leave).

Market 4

5. They’ll say they have it all

In a typical Lagos market, no says he or she does not have the stock you have come for, but when you tell them to bring what they say is in stock, you can be sure to hear something like “Wait it is in our second shop”. That wait can take up to an hour, because what it entails is that you will sit while to go from shop to shop to get from their neighbours.

Market 6

You might get frustrated sometimes, trying to get served. No typical Lagos trader will say he/she hasn’t what you need in stock.

6. Beware of the true-fakes

If there is anything that the Lagos market woman or man knows how to do best, then it is to swear as proof that their wears are authentic, though most times the reverse is the case. So you might want Ray Ban shades and end up getting a Ray Ben or better still a Ray Bon.

Market 8

In Lagos anything can pass for the real deal, so you have to ensure that you look closely.

Market 11

To avoid tears, you must ensure that what you have bought is the original, beware certain things change just after they have been bagged.

7. It is not always cheaper on the other side

Perhaps you have gotten to your lowest and you are fed up of bargaining hoping that you will get it cheaper across the other shop but it turns out that the fields are not greener over the fence, do well to hide your shame and return if what you see is qualitative enough.

market 9

Be sure the price is really outrageous before you walk out the shop, just so you don’t have to return having examined and found out it is not fairer on the other side.

Market 7

Here is that face when there is a really outrageous price.

Most of the traders have unions and probably buy from the same source before retailing, so the prices are most times the same, especially for certain goods like clothes and shoes; depending on the quality.

This is not saying that you shouldn’t bargain or look out for options,cause Lagos will always have deals to soothe ever Tom, Dick and Harry.

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The market experience in Lagos is one that everybody must experience, it can be frustratingly exciting. There are so many local markets in Lagos and you can be sure that they all have these 7 attributes in common.

If there are other characteristics of a typical Lagos market which you feel we have left out, then do let us know, we are always open to your opinions. Please do drop your comments in the provided section below.

Did you visit a Lagos market this week? If ‘No!’, then go ahead and try one, you don’t need to spend flamboyantly, just have fun.

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