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10 Reasons Lagos Is One Of The Greatest Cities In The World (PHOTOS)

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Lagos is a city with uniqueness and style. Within and outside Africa, there is a strong desire to visit Lagos. Once the capital of Nigeria, Lagos has grown into a city to be reckoned with and arguably a driving force behind the economic development in Nigeria.

What is it that makes the city very popular even beyond the shores of Africa? What is the magnetic force that draws people to one of the fastest growing cities in the world? The answer is because it is the greatest city in the world and here are the reasons for its greatness.


Yes, it is true that if you can survive in Lagos, then you can survive anywhere in the world. The city provides first-hand experience of what might be considered ‘real life’. It is a city of saints and sinners and you need to be on your toes all the time. There is room to make it in the city only if you can tap into the abundant opportunities available. Sometimes, the road might be rough but being in Lagos teaches one how to raise one’s head above water.



Lagos is the undisputed home of movies in Africa and a strong force in the world. The country is arguably the second largest producer of movie in the world and most of the work is done in Lagos. The city has a massive followership of movie lovers and this interest has helped the cinema industry to also find a solid footing. Movie stars are loved and adored in the city and the sight of one is sure to cause a stir.

The City That Never Sleeps


Lagos is known as the city that never sleeps. Nothing is truer than this statement. As some people are going to bed, another set are just getting up. There are bars and centres that keep the city awake throughout the night. Night markets also exist in the city to cater for people’s needs during that period. Some people may choose to stay indoor but still keep vigil as there is always something entertaining to keep one’s attention glued to the television.



Lagos is the home of all. The city can boast that every tribe in the country has a representation there. This representation has even extended to African countries and the rest of the world with a lot of foreigners now visiting the city. Every visitor is welcomed and the city tries to make every foreigner feel at home.

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Lagosians are all members of one big family. Some people might fight and disagree but there is an underlying bond that connects the people. People are always eager to help whenever someone is in need. If an accident occurs, Lagosians are always quick to give a helping hand regardless of where they are going or what they might be doing at that time. The urge to be a brother’s keeper is evident in Lagosians’ daily dealings.



Lagos is a fertile ground for the growth of business. Whether it is a small scale enterprise or a big investment, the city has all it takes to support the growth. There is always an available market for any product as long as it is well packaged and presented. Whether it is on the island or the mainland part of the city, the most important thing is to identify where the appropriate market is and the customers would come.



Lagos is beautiful in all ramifications. Lagosians are beautiful and this is coming from being happy. Whether it is during the week or weekend, Lagosians exude beauty. Walk through the streets and you are sure to come across gorgeous men and elegant ladies. The horticulture tradition that is developing in the city is also another variation of the city’s beauty.

The New Dubai

eko atlantic

Eko Atlantic is a planned city that is being built on water. It is expected to symbolise the development and commercialisation that is typical of a modern city. When completed, it would increase the tourism culture of the city and also accommodate more businesses. With this project, the city is joining the ranks of other cities in the world that has the capacity to draw people from all over the world to its bosom.

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It is not difficult to identify a Lagosian anywhere in the world. This is because the people have a unique trait and can adapt easily in any city. They are smart, quick thinking and possess a strong drive to succeed. Lagosians are known everywhere for their doggedness and will to achieve and this recognition has stuck.



No other city in the world has a better way of doing party than Lagos. The city blazes the trail in Owambe celebration. People take the planning of parties seriously. A naming ceremony can be planned and wonderfully done in just seven days. Every weekend is a potential owambe day somewhere in the city. The Owambe culture has also grown with the aso-ebi tradition and the city is building a strong recognition of this practice.

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