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Best Nigerian recipes: How to make yam balls?

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If you still do not how to make yam balls dessert, this article is what you need. Read and cook delicious yam balls for your family.

How to make yam balls dessert?

Yam is a vegetable that resembles a long potato. It is widely spread in Nigeria as a food which can be bought everywhere and the price is always reasonable, so you may afford to buy it.

As a result, you can come across a variety of recipes with yam and all are very delicious. Here you will see how to make yam balls dessert. Bear in mind that you will need 45 minutes for cooking these tasty balls.

yam balls dessert?

Yam balls recipe: ingredients

- Half of yam;

- 1 tbsp of butter;

- 2 eggs;

- Salt and pepper;

- Bread crumbs;

- 2 tsp - evaporated milk;

- Oil.

How to make yam balls?

yam balls dessert

First step – correct yam boiling

  1. Wash yam and put it in a colander;
  2. Clean the yam from peel with a knife;
  3. Wash the yam;
  4. Cut each tuber in such a way to have each individual piece of yam of the same size;
  5. Put them in a saucepan and cover with water: it should be a couple of inches higher than yam so the water covers it;
  6. You need to boil yam for 30 minutes.

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Second step – yam mashing

yam balls mashing
  1. You need to add butter to yam;
  2. Use special potato masher for yam and butter mashing;
  3. Add – milk, egg yolks (egg whites you will need later), pepper, and salt;
  4. Let this mixture get cool.

Third step – yam balls formation

yam balls
  1. You have to take the abovementioned mixture and make balls. You may use flour as an additional help;
  2. Take egg whites which you have left and dip your yam balls in it;
  3. Fry the balls in vegetable oil until becoming golden brown.

Have a nice dinner! No doubt, they are really delicious!

yam dessert

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