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Congregants viciously attack prophet

by 20/05/2017 02:11:00 0 comments 1 Views
A self proclaimed in Bulawayo prophet, Seppyoggi Rutendo Mthethwa (22) was hospitalised following an assault by a fellow congregant who was against his "prophecy" that congregants should shave their heads with one razor blade.

Mthethwa  told congregants that God had shown him that everyone should be bald-headed for the next service.

Garments flew as Steven Mukozhiwa (39) from New Magwegwe suburb allegedly used the apostolic sect's  trademark shepherd's crook — also loosely referred to as the Rod of Moses — to beat up Mr Mthethwa.

He was opposed to having his hair cut with the same blade that had been used on others, citing risk of diseases.

The court heard how Mukozhiwa flew into a rage when Mr Mthethwa insisted things should be done his way.

He allegedly hit Mr Mthethwa all over the body with the stick and head butted him on the mouth during the church service at a bushy area near Davis Granite on March 12.

Mr Mthethwa sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

Yesterday, Mukozhiwa appeared before West Commonage magistrate Mr Steven Ndlovu facing a charge of assault.

He pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody to Monday for sentencing.

"Your Worship, l assaulted him with a switch not a stick. I did not intend to cause harm or injury. I was angry when l committed this offence," said Mukozhiwa.

Prosecuting, Ms Sibekithemba Dube said on March 12 at around 3PM, Mr Mthethwa was shaving congregants' heads with the same razor blade as per his prophecy.

Ms Dube said when it was Mukozhiwa's turn, he refused to be shaved saying that he feared for his health.

"The accused person became angry with the complainant's conduct, took a stick and started assaulting the complainant all over the body several times. He further head butted the complainant until he sustained serious injuries," she said.

Ms Dube said Mr Mthethwa reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of his fellow Madzibaba.

The context of the alleged prophecy was not explained in court.


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