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'Chinhoyi University of Technology run by CIOs'

by 20/05/2017 06:37:00 0 comments 1 Views
Build Zimbabwe has claimed that the Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) Hotel is Run by CIOs.

According to Build Zimbabwe, "a reservation was made paid in full for a group for NERA youth. The NERA youth arrived managed to Check In with NO issues. The next day they Were ready to leave for voter education programs and mobilisation activities, they put on their NERA shirts went to eat breakfast as they were planning to leave for the days activities after breakfast."

"NERA youth have been in Chinhoyi fighting with police who cancelled a rally last minute. NERA youth have been conducting Door to Door and had travelled there for four days to get ready for more activities in the area. Chinhoyi is considered one of zanu pf strongholds. The Chinhoyi council and police have been refusing to allow NERA rallies."

The organisation said Anyway CUT hotel Management approached them and told them they could not stay there because suddenly the hotel NO LONGER accepted a payment made through their online travel agency.

"The travel agency called them to ask why they no longer accepted the payment and the hotel refused to answer. The hotel management now even demanded the NERA group pay cash right there for the night they had spent as they would no longer accept the online payment," said the organisation.

"Police and CIO were called to question the NERA group and the group was told they could not leave until cash was paid. Someone from NERA had to travel to Chinhoyi to now make the payment in cash. What is really sad is it's become more and more apparent that the opposition will never have a level paying field. In Bindura NERA was told they could only have rally with 300 people. For Chinhoyi NERA legal team had to get involved and finally there will be rally but it has been moved to a less accessible venue because zanu pf is the only party allowed to use Gadzema Grounds."

The organisation said ZANU PF uses the state apparatus to stop any activity they deem a threat. After the successful Chitungwiza Youth Rally where over 7000 people attended.

"NERA suddenly saw parties run by Barbara Nyagomo , Dzikiti, Mbira, Shumba and bhusha start demanding to know who was funding, demanding control of funding , trying to fire their youth involved in Rally and Voter education organisation, Demanding specific leaders involved in key organisation process of rallies and voter education be investigated for mismanagement and misuse of funds," said the organisation.

"All of which where baseless accusations. Infact a careful look at what they were after NOTED THAT THESE PEOPLE WHERE AFTER who WAS funding. One of ZANU PF key strategies is to make sure Opposition has no access to funding. They want to find out who is funding what, so they CAN FIND A WAY TO STOP THE funding. If opposition is not resourced they cannot have activities like voter education , rallies and demonstrations."

"A venue for rally and voter education activities costs twice as much when opposition is trying to hire it . Zimbabwe is definitely NOT free and as long as ZANU PF is there , there will never be FREE and FAIR elections," it added.


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