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We did not attack UN House - Army issues official statement on Maiduguri incident

by 11/08/2017 18:28:00 0 comments 1 Views

- The United Nations has accused the Nigerian military of unlawfully invading their premises

- The invasion which took place on Friday, August 11, has led to tension in the military ranks

- In response, the army released a statement saying it was not an invasion but a routine search ealier reported that the United Nations system in Nigeria confirmed the Friday, August 11, invasion of its premises in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, by Nigerian soldiers.

Edward Kallon, UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator, said in a statement released to the media that the invasion was unauthorized.

However, the army has released a 4-point statement via its Facebook page explaining what happened. Below is the full text:

Re-invasion of United Nations House in Maiduguri

1. The Defence Headquarters wishes to clarify the news through some media outlets that troops of Operation LAFIA DOLE invaded United Nations house in Maiduguri, which is not true.

It was a cordon and search operation conducted in that general area in line with the re-invigorated effort of the Military on Counter Terrorism operations in the North East as a whole.

READ ALSO: Service chiefs arrive military command centre in Maiduguri

2. It is noteworthy that, the house being referred to as United Nations building, is an unmarked accommodation without any sign that it was occupied by United Nations.

Notwithstanding, the search operation was conducted peacefully at the premises, when the troops were allowed into it, just like other buildings.

3. Furthermore, the relationship between the Nigerian Military and United Nations has been cordial, aimed at working towards a more secured world in general and Nigeria in particular, which will be sustained.

Thus, everything will be done by the Nigerian Military to ensure that United Nations activities and interests are given adequate protection and encouragement.

4. Therefore, the general public is hereby requested to disregard the information that “United Nations building in Maiduguri was raided by troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE."

PAY ATTENTION: Watch more videos on TV

Meanwhile, bombers were killed at Simari area of Maiduguri.

There were reports that the incident occurred at Simari, outskirt of Maiduguri at about 10p.m. when a male and two female bombers tried to infiltrate the town.

The attack came barely 16 hours after dogs foiled attempt by two bombers who tried to hit a hospital at Moloi area of Maiduguri.

Watch this video on the state of Nigeria below:

[embedded content]
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