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We have evidence Boko Haram leader Abu Shekau is dead - DHQ

by 12/08/2017 18:45:00 0 comments 1 Views

- The Nigerian military reportedly maintained it has evidence to show Abu Shekau is dead

- The military however noted that there are many Shekaus in the battle against insurgency

- It wants Nigerians to support security agencies in the battle against terrorism

The Nigerian military has reportedly declared that it has enough evidence that Abu Shekau, the leader of a faction of the Boko Haram terrorist sect, is dead.

The New Telegraph reports that the military headquarters however added that there seems to be many Shekaus in existence.

The report said John Enenche, defence spokesperson, who spoke with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, said though Boko Haram has been defeated; there cannot be total peace in the north-east.

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“Boko Haram has been defeated, but defeat is a process to achieving total peace.

“Defeat is a package and it has started; so why can we say categorically and confidently that Boko Haram has been defeated?

“We can say that because before then, you will agree with me that you can’t move around the way people move around in the north-east now.

“Insurgents and terrorists had total control over some local governments, they were already collecting taxes as government, but now it is no longer so.

“They have been defeated, there is a level of security in Nigeria, but does that mean there is no armed robbery in Nigeria?

“If you study sociology, criminality, crime and all these vices are part of human living.

“There is no total peace anywhere in the world, and it can never exist. It is normal, it is a usual abnormality that comes with human existence,” he reportedly said.

Enenche added: “It is rather unfortunate that people will believe liars and insurgents, criminals, who don’t have the love of this country at heart.

“How true is it that the person you are seeing is the leader of Boko Haram? Somebody that appears on a video? Who can verify it, where is the forensic proof.

“The eveidence that we have that any Shekau that ever eliminated has been eliminated is as a result of our after action report.

“When you attack an area and there were individuals there from your intelligence, surveillance and recconaisance report, and now you take out that place and there’s nothing left; that is evidence.

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“Anything can be uploaded, there is no forensic evidence that can say this. There are many Shekaus, there are various Shekaus, which is my strong belief.

“A Shekau is still alive, people keep posing as Shekaus, but who knows the real Shekau?

“Only the indigenes and the people that are there, and people like carrying big names, that is why we keep knocking out any Shekau that comes up,” he added. reported earlier that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) component of Operation LAFIYA DOLE in the north-east on Sunday, July 2 conducted an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission of the Sambisa general area, the former spiritual headquarters of the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT).

According to a statement by NAF, during the ISR mission, a gradual convergence of BHT elements at some buildings in Alagarno Camp 1 was noticed.

The statement further revealed that the sight of several solar panels on the rooftops of the buildings gave out the plans of the terrorists.

Watch this video and see how the military depletes Boko Haram insurgents:

[embedded content]
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