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Opinion: Will Igbos allow Asari Dokubo to become their first president if Biafra is actualised?

by 21/09/2017 15:45:00 0 comments 1 Views

Editor’s note: The clamour for Biafra republic by the Nnamdi Kanu led Independent People of Biafra and its insistence that the next governorship election in Anambra should not hold have continued to generate reactions from Nigerians both locally and internationally.

In an article sent to, Ipusu A. Austine, writes about the clamour for Biafra republic by some Igbos and explains why war should be averted at all cost in Nigeria.

I was not there between 1967 and 1970 during the first civil war, but my father, a gallant troop of the Nigerian army now retired was there. Although he hardly retraced the narrative of that ugly experience, but the little I have gathered from him, gives me more discouragement about war on a general note.

At least two decades before I was born and now several decades after I came into planet earth, each time the story resurfaces, it seems like it happened just few years ago.

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The war, its causes and the persistent arrogance of some agents of disunity which fostered it, is an account many nationals can give without omitting a part. But my incision, perception and conclusion about the moral cause of the war is simply 'selfishness'.

The Igbo man clamours or is clamouring for Biafra following the cry of marginalization. This too, my mouth cannot explain better, so I am leaving it here. But check this out, what is that special contribution of the Igbos to this country that qualifies them never to be left out at any point against other luminous tribes such as the Tivs for instance who in spite of everything have been all smiles from time immemorial?

First and foremost, aside selfishness, why should the Igbos see themselves as oil producers, when Bayelsa, Port Harcout as well as Akwa-Ibom the major oil producing states are not Igbo settlements? Delta is a mixture and is originally not inclusive in the Biafran map. So what is this noise from these easterners about marginalisation.

The Igbo man is successful in business not because of his hard work, but because of this same selfishness (apologies if this incites hate) but for the sake of truth and sincerity, it is good to set these records straight and bring it to the notice of the blind minded.

The worst aspect of this selfish dream called Biafra is the fact that, those to be minority groups in that nationality will be perfectly and properly marginalised without any freedom to seek for what is their own.

Let us take for instance that Biafra gains independence and is also practicsng democracy, then after sometime, probably the first tenure, then chief Asari Dokubo aspires for presidency in Biafra. Now, with pure truth and fear of the most high, who is that bonafide Igbo indigene that will raise his hand in support of this Ijaw man?

When we say God is a respecter of nobody, it actually means God cannot permit your autonomy to be granted so that it will mark the beginning of other people's agony. The earlier the Igbos realize that Nigeria has a package of problems for every single tribe in this country, the better for the peace and unity which is in turn the benefit of every tribe.

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Finally, congratulations to the most successful attention seeker Nnamdi Kanu for rebranding a dream which the dreamer vehemently cautioned against its revitalization before his death. And rip to those die hard supporters of his already dead brand who made their existence shorter through their moral derail.

Meanwhile, had previously reported that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) took to the streets in Aba, Abia state to protest on Wednesday, September 20, after the proscription of the group.

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Watch this video of a supporter of Nnamdi Kanu and how she wants to celebrate the agitator:

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