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We have firmly settled in Sambisa forest - Boko Haram release new video of gun fight with soldiers

by 14/11/2017 12:34:00 0 comments 1 Views

- Boko Haram terrorists released a new video claiming victory against the army

- The terrorist group said it had returned to Sambisa forest

- It displayed tanks seized from the army

As the army continues its fight against terrorism, Boko Haram terrorists have released a video displaying some military tanks it claimed to have seized from Nigerian soldiers.

In a video released by Sahara Reporters, the terrorist could also be seen engaging in a gunfight with soldiers.

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Boko Haram releases new video, displays tanks seized from soldiers

Boko Haram terrorists claimed to have returned to Sambisa forest. Credit: Sahara Reporters

The video is being released at a time when there is rumour that soldiers were ambushed by the terrorists who also made away with their guns and ammunition.

In the propaganda video, a young Boko Haram fighter could be seen boasting of their success against the army and praising other fighters for the efforts. He also claimed they were not firmly inside Sambisa forest.

He said: "Allah will protect His religion."

“... divine claim is supported by the success of their ambush against the enemies of Islam."

The commander could also be seen urging Boko Haram terrorists to be patient in the face of the hardship they were facing.

The Nigerian army which has continued to record success against the insurgents has in the past expressed optimism that it will continue rid the country of terrorism

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Meanwhile, Nigerian troops of "Operation Lafiya Dole,” stationed in Madagali, Adamawa state on Monday, November 6, showed courage by repelling a well planned attack by insurgents, killing 42 of them in the process.

According to reports monitored by, scores of Boko Haram terrorists, in their usual commando style laid a noiseless siege on Barkin Dutse village in Madagali at the dusk of Monday, November 6, but met their water-loo, as gallant soldiers repelled the attacks, killing 42 terrorists and leaving scores wounded with gun-shot injuries.

Boko Haram abducted my husband and the government forgot about him - on TV

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