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Toro, Garba blame Oliseh, Enyeama

by 08/10/2015 20:18:00 0 comments 1 Views

By Solomon Nwoke

FORMER Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA), Alhaji Sani Ahmed Toro and a former Super Eagles winger, Garba Lawal have condemned the attitude put up by both Eagles Coach Sunday Oliseh and former team captain, Vincent Enyeama in the events that led to Enyeama’s resignation from the national team.

The decision by Oliseh to make Ahmed Musa captain yesterday forced Enyeama who has been capped 101 times  t o call it quits with the national team.

In separate telephone chats with Toro and Lawal, both said the issue should have been amicably resolved without drawing much attention from the public. They both affirmed that coach Oliseh   did not apply wisdom in appointing a new captain for the senior national team.

Lawal said Oliseh has every right to appoint his own captain but the manner in which he went about the whole thing was faulty.

He said, “The coach does not need to go into a shouting match with his player publicly. He is the manager and should have learnt to manage everybody well. Oliseh as the coach of the national team has the right to appoint his own captain. He did not do it the right way,  the coach did not give Enyeama the respect he deserves as the captain and longest serving member of the present team.

“Enyeama too has paid his dues and deserves some respect. If you ask me, he was not treated fairly.”

The former Eagles utility player, however said the action of the coach is capable of bringing divisions in the team.

“I am afraid what he has done is not good for team spirit. It can easily lead to division in the team. There is no doubt that it will impact negatively on the team’s two international friendlies against DR Congo and Cameroon,” he said.

In his reaction, the former Bauchi state Commissioner for Sports, Alhaji Toro said, “what happened was a sad development. Enyeama has paid his dues. He has helped the country to qualify and won the Nations Cup. I blame both Oliseh and Enyeama for  the row. I blame the coach for not handling the matter with maturity and I blame Enyeama who has served the nation for a very long time for taking such decision without considering the national interest.

“The coach has the prerogative to choose and hand over the captain’s band to whoever he feels like giving it to, but he ought to have known how best to manage everybody because everybody is important.”

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