Check Out These Ugly Wedding Gowns That Should Never Have Been Worn

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Check Out These Ugly Wedding Gowns That Should Never Have Been Worn
Ugly Wedding Gowns

Weddings are meant to celebrate love, unity, peace, purity and happiness. That’s why wedding dresses are white in the first place. However, not everyone sees things that way, and some brides show up to their weddings in the most ridiculous outfits. To make matters worse, it’s not yellow polka-dot bikinis they choose to wear on the most important day in their life. Instead, they take wedding dresses and make a real mess out of them. You’re not going to believe what kind of outfits some brides chose to wear. Number 17 will really surprise you!


1. Too much information

This bride was definitely not afraid to show off her assets, so she added some extra sex appeal to her wedding dress. She might not be aware of it, but dancing is going to be a little problematic, to say the least, if she does settle for this dress. Definitely not a classy choice!

2. Better safe than sorry

If you want to be more than prepared for the wedding night, this is the perfect dress for you. Bear in mind, though, that a condom dress like this is by no means for run-of-the-mill brides, but for ladies who want to make a real statement. What kind of statement? We don’t really want to know…

3. Cover up, girl

It’s pretty obvious that this bride got married in a warm place. Otherwise, she would have frozen, considering how much skin she’s showing. One way or another, this … unique wedding dress does say “I ain’t afraid to show it!”

4. Naked

If you thought the previous dress showed a lot of skin, you haven’t seen this pic from a nudist wedding. Here, both couples showed up wearing nothing but jewelry and flowers. What else could we say? Another people who are not afraid to show off their assets (if you know what we mean).

5. Toilet paper

If you’re getting married and you’re really worried that the bathrooms won’t have enough toilet paper for all your guests, this is the wedding dress that you need! Just kidding, that’s not what a bride should be thinking about on her wedding day. Still, we can’t understand what woman would ever want a dress made out of toilet paper. We’re sure the groom wasn’t happy with her choice…

6. Southern Twang

A little party never killed nobody! But neither did a little camouflage, so why not incorporate it in you wedding dress and show off your Southern spirit at the same time? Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the newlyweds went hunting after the wedding! However, the question still stands – is this lady making a fool of herself or did she make a stylish choice? Hmm, we think we already know the answer.

7. Tagged Up

No wedding is truly gangsta if it doesn’t have graffiti everywhere, and the bride’s dress is no exception. This, our dear friends, is how you ruin a classy event. It’s also called ghetto fabulous. Some people would call it a disgrace, but if the couple likes it, that’s all that matters, right?

 8. Cake dress

This might not be the worst wedding dress you’ve ever seen, you have to admit it’s crazy, especially when you realize that by the time everyone finishes with dessert, the bride will be naked!

9. Nanny?

If you’re invited to this lady’s wedding, don’t be afraid to bring your toddler too. You don’t need to bother with diapers, as she’s got enough of them for everybody. We just hope she puts the used ones in the trash afterwards!

10. Hey baby!

This bride wants absolutely everyone to know that she’s pregnant. Now that’s what we call making a statement! Unfortunately, we think her baby’s going to steal the show on her wedding day. Would you ever wear anything like this, ladies?

11. Head-to-toe

Believe it or not, this dress was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. However, it’s impossible not to notice that he was more focused on design than practicality, so if the bride wearing it wants to wave at her family or simply eat something from her plate, she’s going to have to take her entire dress off!

12. Hangin’ out

Another bride that wants her boobs to be the stars of the show! This wedding is not about love or unity at all – it’s about boobs. The groom might have liked his wife’s look the first time he saw her, but we’re sure he didn’t enjoy seeing all their guests stare at the bride all night.

13. Bah bah sheep

The bride made her dress out of her favorite sheep’s fur. We’d like to know if you can do the same thing if you have a furry dog… Or is that considered too creepy?

14. Bread tags

This bride and decided to make a wedding dress out of bread tags as a joke. Who would’ve known that she would actually end up wearing it on the most important day of her life? Even though making the dress costed only $36, the bride still says it’s priceless.


15. (Oversized) princess

All we can say is that we’re genuinely feeling bad for the groom… and for the bride too. All she wanted was to be a glamorous princess on her wedding day, but instead, she ended up looking like a chubby little girl on Halloween.

16. Oversized #2

This dress might be huge and crazy, but you can’t deny that it’s also quite beautiful, in a way. One thing is sure – the bride didn’t exaggerate when she said she wanted a POOFY wedding dress. All or nothing, they say, and she chose all.

17. Hot or Not?

She may have wanted her dress to be super hot, but unfortunately for her, we think it’s super not. Actually, the bride would’ve been better off with real flames. At least this dress dress would’ve caught fire and burned, thus leaving her no other choice but to buy a new one.

18. Sports fan

This bride needs to learn what’s appropriate and what’s not. This soccer team-style wedding dress is one of the most disastrous gowns we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen them all. It’s always better to keep your fan spirit for barbecues in the backyard or sports games, and not for weddings, especially when it’s you that’s getting married. She is so going to regret this choice!

 19. Oops, it’s see-through

All this bride wanted was to look sexy on her wedding day, but we think she should’ve saved it for the wedding night. Just imagine her family’s reaction. We’re sure her parents, grandparents and little cousins definitely didn’t like it. In fact, we’re feeling sorry for them – they didn’t need to see all that skin.

20. Hello Kitty dress

It’s okay to be obsessed with Hello Kitty when you’re a little kid, but you should grow out of it by the time of your wedding day, or at least pretend you’re a mature individual and save it for another day. This dress is so pink and childish, it makes you wonder if the bride is old enough to get married in the first place.

21. The recycled dress

We all know how important recycling is, but this woman has taken it to a whole new level – and not in a good way. No matter how fond you are of protecting the planet, nobody’s going to mind if you invest in a real wedding dress, lady. Is there even an inch of white on the whole dress? Maybe on the ingredient list…

22. Balloon dress

This bride got a little too creative with her wedding dress. No one’s ever dreamed of getting married in a white dress made entirely out of balloons, but this woman definitely enjoys thinking out of the box. We just hope none of the balloons popped as she was walking down the aisle.

23. Octobride

This lady is either a big fan of Ursula, or just really desperate to lay as many hands on her husband as possible. If it’s the latter, we don’t think she was very lucky. Her dress probably only made him want to run really far from her grasps.

24. Ugly bride, uglier bridesmaids

In this case, it was bad enough that the bride decided to dress like this, but there was no need to force all her bridesmaids to dress even worse. After all, bridesmaids are supposed to look pretty, right? But who knows, maybe she just hated them.

25. Flower lover bride

A bouquet of flowers and a few centerpieces weren’t enough for this bride, who wanted to make sure that she’s by far and away the most glamorous woman at her wedding. Although we love flowers too, we believe she looks more like a garden than a bride. #weird

26. Too much information

Looks like these two brides are making a fair point – they know exactly what men are after, even in a marriage. However, they did take things a little too far. Could you ever imagine yourself walking down the isle towards your future husband in that dress? Scary thought.

27. What’s going on

There’s so much stuff going on with this dress, that barely looking at it can be overwhelming. It’s hard to explain what influenced this bride to add so many colors and spikes to the gown, but one thing is sure: she’s definitely going to stand out on her wedding day.

28. Cotton Candy Land

These girls are wearing so much frill, that spotting their faces can be quite difficult. The bride surely wanted a fairytale wedding, but what she ended up with is a bunch of really uncomfortable-looking bridesmaids who would like the party to be over ASAP. You can see from the way they’re posing that they can’t even get too close to each over because of the huge dresses.

29. Pink and Hearts Land

This girl is completely delusional. Not only is her dress a completely wrong color – bright pink instead of holy white – but it also has dozens of hot pink hearts all over it. To top it all, it’s way too revealing to be appropriate for a wedding. And what about wearing a choker? A total failure.

30. Virgin Feather Mary and Her Baby

What was this bride thinking? As if it wasn’t enough that her baby’s wearing nothing but a diaper, she also thought it would be okay to wear loads of feathers, as a symbol of grace and purity. When you think of it, there’s something almost scary and evil about this picture. Creepy!

31. The horse hay dress

This bride looks like she’s just got back from rolling around in horse hay. Her dress, made entirely out of twigs, is definitely not the look you should be going with on your wedding day, unless you’re getting married to a horse. But that’s entirely another issue…

32. Christmas lights dress

In the wish to stand out from everyone else at her wedding, an original bride gave her dress some extra sparkle. However, instead of rocking an elegant and beautiful style, whoever decided to wear this ended up looking like a snowy Christmas tree. Quite tacky, don’t you think? A complete fashion crime.

33. Couldn’t find my other half

This girl didn’t let the fact that she couldn’t find a partner get in the way of her dream wedding day. The solution she thought of is quite simple – she decided to be both bride and groom. Maybe she just lost it. We’re wondering how the guests reacted when they realized the newlyweds are actually just one person.

34. Earth Balloon Bride

The bride intending to wear this dress – if we can call it that way – was probably working for Greenpeace. We’re sure she wanted to make an impression, but most likely, she just ended up looking like she might float up in the air any second. This has to be one of the trashiest and cheapest-looking bridal dresses out there. We pity the man who had to marry a woman dressed like this.