Video Of Former Employee Shooting His Colleagues On Live TV - Video

by 28/08/2015 18:01:00 Comments 1 Views

Disgruntled WDBJ-TV ex-employee Vester Lee Flanagan live tweeted a video of his on-air shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward this morning in Virginia.

You can watch the chilling video above. Beware: The footage contains graphic violence and may be highly disturbing.

Heavy has also obtained synced footage of Flanagan’s POV shooting along with the footage that aired live on WDBJ-TV, edited by Cory Fechner. Watch that below.

After he gunned down the two WDBJ-TV employees and injured interviewee Vicki Gardner, Flanagan tweeted the video, filmed from his point of view as he opened fire during a live television interview.