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Former Eskom employee rubbishes Koko’s corruption accusation

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Hlakudi said he has a business relationship with Mawela going back several years. Mawela sells broiler chickens to Hlakudi‚ because Hlakudi is involved in chicken farming.

Hlakudi described these allegations as a “last-ditch attempt to obfuscate the issues and deflect attention from himself”.

Koko also alleged that HTI paid Mildred Nyoka‚ a senior contracts manager at Kusile power station‚ R200‚000. Hlakudi said the money was a loan for Nyoka to pursue her postgraduate studies and “effect renovations to her property in preparation for its sale”.

Hlakudi also denied allegations his former bodyguard‚ Ntokozo Dubazana‚ made in an affidavit that he paid money to Sunday Times journalists. Hlakudi said Dubazana was fired on November 13 this year after allegedly stealing R9‚960.

Hlakudi also claimed Koko intimidated and taunted him. Koko reportedly told City Press that he has not been in contact with Hlakudi over the past 10 months.

Hlakudi alleged that Koko sent him two text messages via the app Telegram which self-destructed after a set period. Both messages were in Sepedi and intimidated Hlakudi. Hlakudi took a screenshot of the second message in time.

Hlakudi said in summary that Koko’s conduct “reflects a lack of honesty‚ trustworthiness and integrity” rendering him unfit for public office.

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