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Chicco Twala lambastes Fikile Mbalula - 'He thinks he is Madonna, he is useless'

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Despite this, Chicco said Fikile was dodging his calls and was not acting like he believed a government official should.

"I have called him several times. I even left him WhatsApp messages. He has just ignored me. This is a minister! A public servant! He cannot behave like a celebrity, he thinks he is Madonna. He is useless. His attitude is not fit for someone who is a public servant. They just want to be superstars. The only thing they rush to is red carpets. They don't give a damn about us."

Chicco's son Longwe was among several people in the house when Senzo was killed in an alleged botched house robbery. Chicco said the minister should have arrested all of the people in the house at the time of the murder, including his son, and take them in for questioning.

"They have the biggest mouths but don't do much. That is why they are struggling with the Senzo Meyiwa case. They don't have time for it. It needs a willingness and dedicated team."

Vuyo denied this, explaining that a new task team had been called to give "fresh eyes" to the case.

"The case is still open. It has never been closed. We are confident of making a breakthrough."

Senzo's death  again dominated headlines last week after a parody social media account considered to produce fake news, @AdvBarryRoux, tweeted about Chicco and Longwe's alleged involvement in the case. The pair took to radio to respond to the allegations but were criticised and mocked on social media.

Chicco said he had been threatened on social media over the last week but said he did not need the police minister's protection.

"Most of the threats were on Twitter but I am not bothered by Twitter. I can organise my own protection. I don't need his (Fikile) protection. All I want is for him to address the fake tweets that are going around saying my son and I pulled the trigger (that killed Senzo)."

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