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Dembare to defend pitch invasion

by 17/04/2018 13:05:00 0 comments 1 Views
PSL on Monday said they are looking into the reports from the Dynamos and Yadah match at Rufaro before they make their decisions and make an official comment.

Communications manager Kudzai Bare said apart from the match commissioner's report, they will also consider the police report and reports from clubs.

Four issues look set to be on the spotlight.

1. There is the teargas canisters dropped by the police at halftime that delayed the restart in the process.

2. There was the invasion of the pitch by the fans, mostly the home team's fans, after the teargas forced a stampede.

3. The missiles thrown by the DeMbare fans protesting against one of the assistant referee's decisions and those thrown at Yadah goalkeeper for time wasting.

4. And then there is the Jimmy Dzingai's moment of madness when he threw a missile back to the fans, behavior that earned him a red card.

"We have to go through the official match reports first before commenting on the matter. Yes, we expect to receive reports from the ZRP, the match officials and the club," Bare told H-Metro.

Chances are high DeMbare will be fined for missile throwing without any defence, but could defend pitch invasion.

Dzingai, who has since apologised for his actions, could face further sanctions as his actions could have incited more violence.

On Sunday, twice the police dropped teargas canisters by 'mistake' and play did not resume until the culprit left the stadium, something that the police on duty will need to explain.

Dynamos marshals helped clear the pitch for play to resume.

Yadah were leading 1-0 in the first half but DeMbare managed to level the scores in the second half.

It was a game Dynamos fans were frustrated for the better part.

Coach Lloyd Mutasa, however, defended their approach saying they were not too cautious.

They played three defenders in Godfrey Mukambi, Jimmy Tigere and Marshal Machazane.

But players wide were also tracking back whenever Yadah was attacking, to add to two defensive players in Obey Mwerahari and Blessing Moyo.

"It is not a matter of being too cautious. You look at us being cautious, the way we were playing with three at the back, you have to look at how many players who will be given the freedom to go forward.

"Obviously there was a balance in the way that we were executing our duties. We had two, three doing the defensive duties but we had five going forward here and there.

"So I would love to say it was not an element of us being too cautious. It was an element of balancing the equation, considering the guys who were getting into the box," said Mutasa.

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