EXPOSED! 20-yr-Old Upcoming Nigerian Artiste, Johnny Creed Staged Suicide To Gain Popularity

by 07/12/2017 17:09:00 0 comments 1 Views

20 year old Nigerian upcoming artiste Johnny Creed whose ‘suicide’ went viral some days ago has been reported to be alive and no where near the grave as the initial viral reports claim.

Johnny Creed had reportedly killed himself after failing to meet the download target of 10K on his new song. The reports also claim that the 20 year old had made suggestive posts on his social media pages hinting that he could end up taking his life.

Surprisingly, although there were no photos online to back up the suicide claims, the news of his suicide was everywhere like wildfire just like in the case of another artiste (Skiibi) two years ago! It is with great shock but (joy) that we however receive the news that Johnny Creed’s suicide was meticulously staged by the artiste and his team to gain publicity. So it was a stunt after all, but is this the way?

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