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Pride Of A Housegirl

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Wet Love

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The Powerful Virgin

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News from all over the world

Report: Women Have To Wait Another 217 Years To Earn The Same Pay As Men

It’s surprising that in this day and age, men are likely to earn more for doing the same work as their female counterparts. Every year since
03/11/2017 04:51:00

Suicide Bomber Was Killed By Poisoned Arrow Before She Could Detonate Bomb

A suicide bomber in Cameroon was shot by a poisoned arrow from local militiamen just before she could blow herself in the Northern Cameroonian town
06/05/2016 13:26:00

Young Man Takes Selfies With Corpses of Kano students That Were Prepared For Burial

Yesterday, some kano students lost their lives along Lagos-Ibadan express on their way back from a National Quiz Competition in Lagos. While bodies of Kano students
06/05/2016 12:58:00

Picture of a Toddler Sniffing Cocaine Sparks Outrage On The Internet

The three-year-old boy was seemingly photographed 'snorting cocaine', with the image then uploaded onto Facebook. The image was uploaded onto social media with the caption:
06/05/2016 13:10:00

Weird Way A Russian Girl Proposed Marriage To Her Boyfriend (Photos)

This should probably be the worst marriage proposal ever...A loved-up girlfriend showed her affection for her boyfriend by covering his car with graffiti saying: 'Marry
05/05/2016 10:41:00

Brutal Revenge: Innocent Man Falls Victim, Was Stripped N.aked And Bathed With Hot Water

An innocent man has been brutally tortured and his body burned with hot water after a pair of sadistic bratalized him in a revenge attack. The
05/05/2016 10:33:00

ABSURD: Male Leopard Kills Baby In Order To Mate With Mother

A male leopard killed and then ate a female's cub - so that she was forced to mate with him. Gruesome images show the male
05/05/2016 10:33:00

Woman Jailed For Engaging In Noisy S3x

A woman identified as Amanda Warfel has been sentenced to prison for disturbing her neigbours with noisy sex for two years in Pennsylvania. According to Usatoday,
05/05/2016 10:22:00

Woman Gets Swollen Lips After Using Covergirl Lipstick

A Facebook user named Lily Cleopatra Maurice from Orlando, Florida, US, shared photos of her swollen lower lip from a hospital bed, claiming that they
05/05/2016 10:12:00
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